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Sales Agreement


In line with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No 6502 and the Regulations on the Distance Contracts dated 27.11.2014; pre-service information has been provided and this contract has been arranged with the following conditions.


This contract of sale is between Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ TRADE JOINT STOCK COMPANY (on this contract shortly referred to as SELLER) and on the other side between the PARTICIPANT.

The SELLER and the PARTICIPANT are each referred to individually as the 'Party', together as 'the Parties'.

    1. SELLER


Company Title : Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ
Mersis No: 311063326000016
Address: Cumhuriyet Cad. 173/5 34373 Harbiye , İstanbul
Phone: +90 212 368 4800
Fax: +90 212 234 1721

Our company will send all requests and complaints to the above mentioned organization.

The person who bought the event ticket.

The PARTICIPANT shall be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and for the processing of the information. SELLER is not responsible for the consequences of misrepresentation of identity and contact information.

The parties shall accept the addresses shown as legal addresses. The parties agree to notify the other party in writing of the changes in the addresses, otherwise the notices to be made to these addresses shall be valid.

The subject of this agreement is that the SELLER sells to the PARTICIPANT in the electronic medium through the website of the SELLER and the Law on the Protection of the Consumers and the Distance Agreements (" Regulation "), the rights and obligations of the parties.


This contract service is the event ticket and the ticket consists of the total sales price including tax and VAT, payment type, event information, event location, event date, event time, and the information that the order has been terminated and sent to the receiver's e-mail address.

PARTICIPANT The contractual event declares that the event ticket has the essential attributes, the price of the sale, the form of payment and all the preliminary information about the delivery, reading and information, and providing the necessary confirmation electronically.

The contract ticket will be confirmed by the PARTICIPANT by paying through the online system of SELLER before the start of the event

The payment information of the PARTICIPANT taken by the SELLER is recorded in the event name list. It is mandatory to show ID at event entry

The right to revoke arranged in Article 9 of the Regulation for the provision of accommodation, goods transport, car hire, food and beverage supply and leisure time for leisure or recreation, which must be carried out in accordance with Article 15/1-g of the Regulation, .

In case of cancellation of the event, the SELLER shall refund the fee paid by the PARTICIPANT within 15 days from the date of cancellation. If the event is postponed, the PARTICIPANT will be refunded by the SELLER if the PARTICIPANTis requested.

The EXHIBITOR SHOULD NOT share credit card information with others. The PARTICIPANT agrees that the SELLER is not in any way responsible for the use of credit card information by anyone other than the person himself / herself, and is solely responsible for the security of this information. The Seller shall not be liable for any direct or indirect liability due to all negligence and defects in the credit card information such as the security of the credit card information, the keeping of the information of the third party, the use of the third party, and the negligence and negligence of the SELLER. accept and declare.

SELLER will not use the personal data transmitted to him by the Buyer for limited and limited time on the subject of the contract, in any way not to transfer it to third parties and abroad in accordance with the Law of Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and related legislation, in particular in accordance with the Turkish Law. that it will not process personal data without written consent, and that such personal data will only be used to the extent necessary to enable the performance of these Contractual Services, and that it will destroy, destroy or anonymize except when legally required circumstances arise after the necessary reasons for its processing have been dismissed.

The SELLER who accesses and retains personal data undertakes to take all necessary technical and administrative measures in accordance with the Protection of Personal Data Act and related legislation in order to prevent the unauthorized processing of such data and to provide safekeeping provided that such data are limited to legal duration and purpose.

The SELLER shall identify the personnel, subordinate employees and other persons working under his / her own authority to access and process personal data in accordance with the legislation pertaining to personal data; ensure that the staff, subordinate employees and other persons working in connection with it do not share the passwords / methods used for accessing and accessing information using the defined access authority; employees, subordinate employees and other persons working under its own responsibility, in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data and the relevant legislation, even if the employee has been separated from his or her job after the signature of this Agreement and the other employees working under his / and shall be directly liable for all kinds of damages and benign harm, including but not limited to administrative fines, in the event that they act in contravention of their obligations.

The obligations arising between the Parties under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and the relevant legislation will continue after the term of this Agreement and after the end of this Agreement. The seller accepts and declares the demand for any kind of information and documents communicated to them by the consumer within 15 days from the date of receipt of the request.

In the event that the PARTICIPANT defaults on his / her credit card transactions, the PARTICIPANT shall pay interest on the credit card contract which he / she has made with the owner bank and shall be liable to the bank. In this case, the bank may apply for legal remedies; the costs of participation and the cost of substitution may be requested from the PARTICIPANT and in any case if the PARTICIPANT defaults due to the borrowing, the PARTICIPANT agrees not to pay the loss and loss of the SELLER due to the delayed performance of the debtor.

Co-operation shall be deemed to be a coercive means for both parties, except for the control of the Parties, such as natural disasters, war, mobilization, fire, explosion, strike, decision taken by the government or official authorities, which shall cease part or all of the working opportunities of the Parties temporarily or permanently. In the face of such circumstances, the contract shall terminate automatically and the parties shall not be liable for the performance of the contract.

In case of any inconsistency between the PARTICIPANT and the SELLER, the way to the Consumer Tribunal or the Consumer Arbitration Board is open.

In the event of ordering, the PARTICIPANT will be deemed to have accepted all the terms of this contract. Any provision of this Agreement which is invalid or unenforceable shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of the Contract.