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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ. is responsible for the protection and security of any information given by visitors to this site. On this page you can find the rules for these topics.
Information Collection
Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ collects information about the site while registering in various sections, using some functions within the site, and browsing through cookies. When a visitor requests a page from our servers, our server automatically receives some information about the visitor; this includes the visitor's IP address. The IP address is used by computers on the network to send pages that visitors want. Apart from that, in order to access certain parts of the site, they must register and give some information voluntarily about themselves.
Use of Information
Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ. personal information collected from this web site - such as your e-mail address or personal identity information such as name, address, gender or age - for the purposes of promotional purposes to third party organizations or companies, except at the request of your visitor.
Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ use your personal identity information only to provide information about invoicing, various visitor services and the Archisections Organization, and so on for internal business purposes. Apart from this, this information is used to prepare general reports that do not contain identifiable information. Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ these general reports may be shared with third party entities, but without the personal consent of the third party entities, information is not given to the third party entities.
Depending on the laws in force, Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ - The public, private or public communication items sent to Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ and the information sent via this website may also be used by the state, local government or security forces for any research ) or to provide detailed information about a visitor's conscious illegal activities.
Applying the methods necessary to protect their rights. Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ may have to give personal information only in cases specified by law and in matters related to security. In addition, Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ may have to keep track of visitor information entry areas electronically and disclose any contents, registration, electronic communication. This disclosure does not apply solely to (a) compliance with a law or regulation or government request; (b) if the disclosure is deemed compulsory for the institutional continuity of Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ; or (c) to protect the corporate rights of Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ and if such legal action is required.
Web Site Access Information
When a person visits the website, the visit creates site access information. This information is saved with the backup purpose, but can also be used to identify the user (eg IP address, date and time, visited pages). Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ. it analyzes this information for statistical purposes and uses it to determine trends, but it strictly adheres to data security standards. The analysis of the said data does not include an attempt to match the data individually with the earth.
Cookie Usage
Cookies are ASCII files (cookie.txt) where textual information collected during your site navigation is stored. Your web browser will determine where these cookies are stored on your computer. Cookies contain some information that is sent back to the server hosting the site during your next visit. This information can only be read by the server without saving your computer the first time.
Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ. it only uses cookies related to user actions or features that help navigate the site. This information is not given to third party institutions, Cookies are only used for the above mentioned operations. The ability to accept and save cookies is available from most web browsers. You can cancel this feature at any time, or you can use your web browser to alert you when your computer wants to save a cookie.
Links to Other Web Sites
Some pages of the website have links to other sites. Even if we are paying attention to the content of these other sites, we have no direct control over the content they offer. A link to a website outside does not necessarily mean that the content on that website is proposed or accepted and approved by you. Accordingly, we do not accept any responsibility or liability for the content of those websites that you may access via links from our pages. In addition, no liability or liability is assumed for the content of external web sites that link to our web pages.
Our website; Green architectural designs contain a lot of information about sustainable architecture and related activities. All content has been carefully researched and examined; It is also checked and updated regularly. However, we do not guarantee or guarantee the accuracy, accuracy, or update of the information provided and are not liable.
Flawless Operation
Our web pages use the most up-to-date and high-performance web technologies. However, no liability is assumed for problems that may occur in accessing or transmitting content on web pages.
Content Use Rights
All text, images, graphics and functions on the website are protected by the laws of intellectual property rights. No page or section may be used, reproduced, modified or distributed in electronic or printed media without the express and unanimous consent of Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ In case of violation of these rights, violators or institutions are warned or intervened in the manner required by law.
Advertising Areas
The web pages related to the Archisections Organization have ad slots and banner ads. Banner ads are provided by external ad servers. The information resulting from the links provided by these online ads (eg page display, banner click) is strictly used for statistical purposes and for the preparation of reports submitted to advertising agencies. This information does not contain any personal data. Ads shown on your computer may or may not use Cookies. Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ has no control over the cookies sent.
Obligations under the Protection of Personal Data Act (KVKK)
It will make sales in line with the specified sales conditions. It will store post-sale information in its own URL.
Piv Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ has been working on the personal purpose contractual organization of the consumer / consumer which is included in the scope of the contract and the purpose of which is to be processed; transfer and distribute these data to third parties in Turkey or abroad under conditions and conditions stipulated by the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK), and may also transfer and classify such data to KVKK can operate in the other forms listed in Participants will agree to this by signing the contract.

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