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archisections8 kazananları

archisections8 kazananları

archisections8 kazananları

archisections8 kazananları


Green Award (small to medium scale Home or tower/building) and Blue Award (larger scale master plan for a settlement or multibuilding )

Criteria’s For Green and Blue awards…

The GREEN-BLUE International Project Award recognize the best Project that exemplify the integration of design excellence and sustainable performance. It rewards the highest achievements in both design intent and actual performance across the triple bottom line of social, economic, and environmental value. Newly completed projects by august 2018 are expected to be submitted (last 4 years or to be completed within 2 years.)

Evaluation Criterias

Measure 1 - Design for Integration
Measure 2 - Design for Community
Measure 3 - Design for Ecology
Measure 4 - Design for Water
Measure 5 - Design for Economy
Measure 6 - Design for Energy
Measure 7 - Design for Wellness
Measure 8 - Design for Resources
Measure 9 - Design for Change
Measure 10 - Design for Discovery

Awards Specification

Green & Blue Awards Competition Board

Associate Prof. Ervin Garip (I.T.U.)
Prof. Dr. Neslihan Dostoğlu (I.K.U.)
Prof. Dr. Doğan Zafer Ertürk (Işık University)
Associate Prof. Rana Kutlu (I.K.U.)
Associate Prof. Ece Ceylan Baba (Yeditepe University)
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özgünler (M.S.G.S.U.)
Y. Mimar Sevinç Ormancı (Sedeko Architecture)
Dr. Lecturer Ümit Arpacıoğlu (M.S.G.S.U.)
Associate Prof. Kerem Yavuz Arslanlı (I.T.U)
Dr. Lecturer Vehbi Tosun (I.K.U.)
Dr. Duygu Erten (TURKECO)
Y. Mimar Orkan Zeynel Güzelci (I.K.U.)
Prof. Dr. Ayhan Usta (I.K.U.)

Architect Ayşenur Hilal Iavarone (İ.K.Ü.)