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Urban Living with the Infinite Tones of the Green and the Blue of Nature...

If we do not pay enough attention to the environment and go on building without leaving enough space to nature and the habitat, can you imagine how bad the environment and human health will be affected?

Eco-friendly buildings save money on operation using less energy and water resources, reduce carbon emissions and provide a healthier living space for residents, employees, businesses and the community. Since buildings have an estimated 30 percent share of global carbon emissions, green buildings provide one of the most economical and effective solutions to the environmental, social and economic benefits they bring to climate change.

The goal is to reach 15 million m2 of new green building space over the next five years in Turkey alone…
- How would this bepossible?
- Which criteria's should be taken into consideration while designing the buildings, new settlements and towns in the process of achieving this goal?

Green architecture has an active past in Usa, Western and Northern Europe. However, the concept is newly being implemented in Turkey and other emerging market countries. Globally intelligent green building demands are multiplying every three years. The research, shows that the market has turned into a trillion-dollar industry with the demand for green buildings, shows how much the demand for green buildings is required.

And is it just green? Why is the tone of the blue so important? All cities are near the sea, lake or on a river. Turkey is surrounded by sea and rich with lakes and rivers.

UNESCO declared Istanbul as a creative city in design in 2017. Archisections8 Conference will convene in Istanbul… be part of the solution…

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Green Topics in Architecture

Green and blue are eco-friendly, urban transformation issues.

Leading Speakers

World-renowned eco-friendly architects and environmental activists and cities directors meet you at this conference.

Multi Language Support

Translation in Turkish and in English.


Speakers are also speaking at the conference.

  • Mimar Gökhan Avcıoğlu

    GAD Foundation President

  • Sevinç Ormancı,

    Master Architect

  • Joseph Coriaty


  • Prof. Dr. Süha Özkan


  • Murat Tabanlıoğlu

    Tabanlıoğlu Mimarlık

  • Ken Yeang


  • Han Tümertekin


  • Michael B. Lehrer


  • H. Serhan Süzer


  • Faruk Göksu

    Faruk Göksu

    City Planner

  • Nevzat Sayın

    Nevzat Sayın



    David Miller


  • Gürsel Öngören

    Gürsel Öngören

    Vice President

  • Maher M. Stino

    Maher M. Stino


  • Laila EIMasry Stino

    Laila EIMasry Stino

    Sites İnternational

  • Takeiro Goto

    Hiroshi Sambuichi

    Architect Hiroshi Sambuichi

  • Nesrin Karaoğlu Otuzoğlu

    Nesrin Karaoğlu Otuzoğlu

    Board Member of Kagider


II. Archisections Istanbul Conference Program.


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Press Release

27-03-2018 Press Release - Year’s ınternatıonal summıt of archıtecture and ecologıcal constructıon

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The Ritz-Carlton İstanbul
The Ritz-Carlton İstanbul
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Advisory Board of the organization.

- M. Architect Sevinç Ormancı, Coordinator of Archisections
- Gökhan Avcıoğlu, M. Architect, President of Gad Foundation
- Prof Dr Gürsel Öngören Gyoder Asistant General Manager
- Prof. Arzu Erdem, Kadir Has University
- Emre Erolat, M. Architect
- İrfan Önal, General Director Promotion Office, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Turkey
- Murat Tabanlıoğlu, M. Architect
- Ömer Turan, The Istanbul Metropolitan Director of Urban Design
- Han Tümertekin, M. Architect
- Aslı Pasinli, WWF General Manager
- Berrin Chatzi Chousein World Architecture Community Editor-in-Chief
- A. Faruk GÖKSU, City Planner


PARTICIPANTS of the organization.